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White Paper Cups for daily use are healthy and environmentally friendly, they are a great alternative to traditional plastic suitable for home, classroom, school, office, parties & events. events, picnics, BBQ, arts & crafts, train stations, cafes, milk tea shops, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. for the following purposes:

- Takeout orders

- Holds coffee, milk tea, smoothies

- Use as an art color container

- Applied to arts and crafts,

Get creative with decorations or create games for children

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Hình ảnh sử dụng ly giấy trắng 3

White Paper Cup Details

- Thick material, safe for health

- PE coated paper cups (inner surface in direct contact with food made from 100% PE) 11% PE and 89% paper.

- Made in Viet Nam

- Manufactured at: Vietnam Paper Cup Company Limited

- Capacity :

Cup 22oz~(600->630ml) - Quantity 260gsm: ( Mouth: 9.0cm, height 15.7cm, bottom 6cm )
Cup 16oz~(450->480ml) - Quantity 260gsm: ( Mouth: 9.0cm, height 12.7cm, bottom 6cm )
Cup 14oz~(360ml) - Quantity 240gsm: ( Mouth: 8.9cm, height 10.7cm, bottom 6cm )
Cup 8oz~(240ml) - Quantity 240gsm: ( Mouth: 7.5cm, height 9.6cm, bottom 5.2cm )
Cup 6.5oz~(180ml) - Quantity 208gsm: ( Mouth: 7.0cm, height 8cm, bottom 5.2cm )
Cup 5.5oz~(150ml) - Quantity 208gsm: ( Mouth: 7.0cm, height 7cm, bottom 4.6cm )
Cup 5oz~(150ml) - Quantity 208gsm: ( Mouth: 6.8cm, height 6.2cm, bottom 5.3cm )
Cup 4.5oz~(110ml) - Quantity 208gsm: ( Mouth: 6.7cm, height 5.0cm, bottom 5.0cm )


Instructions for Using White Paper Cups

- Use directly with the product

- Single use, used to store food and drinks

- The product is stored directly in PE bags then put into cartons. Clean packaging ensures food safety and hygiene according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.

- Preserved in dry, cool place

- Note: Do not leave the product near a heat source

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Uses of white paper cups

- Convenient and easy to use: White paper cups are easy to use and environmentally friendly. They can be taken anywhere and used immediately without having to wash.

- Good heat retention: Although made from paper, white paper cups have the ability to retain heat relatively well, especially hot and cold drinks.

- Clean and hygienic: White paper cups are very clean and hygienic disposable cups, helping to avoid the spread of bacteria and diseases.

- Cheap price: White paper cups are often cheap, especially when purchased in large quantities, because they are very suitable for crowded events.

- Environmentally friendly: White paper cups are made from recyclable paper, so they are more environmentally friendly than plastic cups.

However, it should be noted that white paper cups are not suitable for holding hot drinks because they can absorb and tear easily.

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