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The New Year is approaching, preparing gifts and doing business during Tet is indispensable. In particular, paper cups are not only a meaningful gift but also express the unique style and personality of each coffee shop's business or personality. Therefore, choosing a unique and impressive 2024 paper cup design will make your gift more luxurious and polite.

In particular, with the development of printing and design technology, paper cups are increasingly carefully cared for and more diverse to meet customer needs.

In this article, we will learn about the 2024 Vietnamese Tet paper cup design and the new features it brings.


Overview of Vietnamese paper cup design for Tet 2024

The meaning of paper cups on Tet

Before going into the details of 2024 paper cup design, let's learn about the history and meaning of paper cups during Tet. Traditionally, Vietnamese people often use paper cups to drink wine, coffee, and tea on special days at the beginning of the new year.

In the past, paper cups were made from slanted paper and decorated with simple motifs such as patterns, letters or Tet couplets. However, with the development of printing and design technology, today paper cups have become a highly aesthetic product and are widely used during Tet holidays.


Vietnamese paper cup design trends for Tet 2024

Each year, Vietnamese Tet paper cup design trends have new changes and updates to suit customer trends and needs. In 2024, we can see the following Vietnamese Tet paper cup design trends:

Use bright colors and bold national culture: In the design of Vietnamese paper cups for Tet 2024, colors will be emphasized with bright colors and bold national culture such as red, yellow, green, orange, purple... This not only brings freshness but also shows the pride and patriotism of Vietnamese people.

Using traditional Tet images and symbols: Vietnamese paper cup design for Tet 2024 will focus on using images and symbols


Vietnamese paper cup designs for Tet 2024

Traditional graphic paper cup design

With the symbol of 1 year of Asian people. Keeping the cups according to the New Year makes the paper cups stand out, as well as bring luck to everyone according to Asian beliefs

Paper cup design with simple patterns

Apricot and peach blossoms are always considered symbols of the freshness and joy of spring. Combining traditional patterns with good luck wishes will bring good meaning to the recipient

Besides the paper cup designs above, you can also refer to many more unique ideas such as 3D images, honeysuckle motifs, fireworks, watermelon... Don't forget to add the company logo company for further marketing.


Design paper cups according to the words Phuc, Loc, Tho.

The concept of Vietnamese people on Tet is to have Phuc, Loc, and Tho. To increase the impression as well as satisfy the concepts of predecessors.

Sizes for Tet paper cups: 6.5oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz.

Vietnam Paper Cups is a partner of major domestic F&B brands such as Phuc Long, Vietnam Airlane, Vinamilk, Thien Ly Rice... Vietnam Paper Cups also exports products to foreign markets such as the US and UK. China, Japan.

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