About Us



- Vietnamese name: Vietnam Paper Cup Co., Ltd
- Business registration address: 685 National Highway 1A, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
- Tax code: 0310087152
- Phone: 028.2253.7902 - Hotline: 0932.608.605
- Email: admin@lygiayvietnam.vn
- Website: www.lygiayvietnam.vn
- Representative: Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan – Director
- Account number: 060129901155 Bank: Sacombank – Cay Go branch.


- Vietnam Paper Cup Company was established in 2010 as the leading professional supplier of paper cups in Vietnam with the product lines of paper cups for coffee, tea, milk, smoothies, ice cream cups, paper cups. office, paper cover, paper bowl, paper packaging, etc. With a variety of sizes to suit all needs. Currently, Vietnam Paper Cups are supplying paper cups to over 2000 typical customers such as: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Phuc Long, BHD Star Cinema, Pizzahut, Pepsi, 7 Up, Hospital FV, Petrovietnam GAS, Vinacafe, Cocacola, Anlene, Metiz Cinema, Du Mien Garden, CaliFornia Yoga & Fitness...and exported to many countries around the world.


 Vision, mission:

- With aspiration and investment strategy - sustainable development, Vietnam Paper Cup strives to become the leading supplier of quality paper cups in Vietnam.
- Providing the highest quality paper cup products at competitive prices, bringing satisfaction and peace of mind about the product.
- Build a professional working environment, harmonize business interests with social benefits, actively contribute to community-oriented activities.

 The core values:


At Vietnam Paper Cup, we cherish 03 core values:

Trust – Quality – Health Health

- Trust: Is the honor of Vietnam Paper Cup; always respect the law, maintain ethics and take the customer as the center.
- Quality: Vietnam Paper Cup considers product quality to be essential and a lever for the company's development.
- Health: Vietnam Paper Cup always attaches importance to health as the top with the motto "for health and green environment". Paper Cup Vietnam always strives to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam in terms of consumer hygiene and safety.


logo ly giấy việt nam

The logo of Vietnam Paper Cup Company is an overall block in the shape of green leaves embracing a circle, with the Slogan: For the Green Planet. This logo represents the company's mission of manufacturing and supplying environmentally friendly paper cups, contributing to protecting the Green Earth.

  • The green leaf shape represents the green tree, representing life and vitality.
  • The circle represents the Earth, which is inhabited by all of us.
  • These two images combined show the close connection between the company and the Earth. The company is committed to using recycled materials and producing environmentally friendly products, contributing to protecting the Green Earth for future generations.
  • Slogan: Because Green Planet is the company's commitment to customers and to the environment. The company always strives to produce and supply environmentally friendly paper cups, contributing to protecting the Green Earth for future generations.

The logo of Vietnam Paper Cup Company is a beautiful, meaningful and highly symbolic logo. This logo clearly demonstrates the company's mission and its commitment to customers and the environment.


- Vietnam Paper Cup gives priority to developing new products in the market.
- Producing and designing Paper Cup products according to customers' orders.
- Delivery of goods to customers in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City.
- Paper Cup Vietnam always strives to provide the highest quality Paper Cup products at the best price
- Vietnam Paper Cup always wishes to become a friendly partner, long-term cooperation, and contribute
into the sustainable development of customers.