Printed Paper Cups Design 22oz (630ml)

Code LGIS-22OZ

Material PE Coated Paper

Origin Vietnamese Paper Cups

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Price 1.150 VNĐ

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Pre-printed design paper cups 22oz is a unique and convenient product for those who want to have a drink or coffee cup easily without having to worry about washing them after use.

The product is made from high quality paper, safe for health and environmentally friendly. Each pre-printed paper cup has been printed with a delicate and unique decorative pattern, image or message. With diverse and rich designs, customers can freely choose pre-printed paper cups that suit their preferences and needs.

22oz pre-printed paper cups are also very convenient for parties or events. Besides, the product also helps save time and effort in preparing for parties or events.


Detailed Information Pre-Printed Designed Paper Cups 22oz

- Thick material, safe for health

- PE coated paper cups (inner surface in direct contact with food made from 100% PE) 11% PE and 89% paper.

- Color: Design available

- Made in Viet Nam

- Manufactured at: Vietnam Paper Cup Company Limited

- Capacity: 22oz~(630ml) cup - 260gsm: ( Mouth: 9.0cm, height 15.7cm, bottom 6cm )


Pre-Printed Paper Cups Designed For Businesses

Businesses can use pre-designed printed paper cup templates to increase professionalism and attract customers. Here are some reasons why businesses  should use pre-printed paper cup templates:

- Convenience: Using pre-printed paper cups helps save time and effort in preparing for parties or events.

- No need to wash: With pre-printed paper cups, you don't need to worry about washing dishes after you're done, saving you a lot of effort and time.

- Cost savings: Using pre-printed paper cup templates is an economic and effective solution for businesses

- Make an impression: Pre-printed paper cup models are beautifully designed and delicately decorated, helping to make a good impression on customers and demonstrate the professionalism of the business.

- Diversity: Printed paper cup models are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, helping businesses have many choices to suit their needs.



Với những lợi ích trên, sử dụng mẫu ly giấy in sẵn thiết kế là một giải pháp tối ưu cho các doanh nghiệp trong việc tăng tính chuyên nghiệp và thu hút khách hàng.

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Công ty TNHH Ly Giấy Việt Nam

Chuyên sản xuất các loại ly giấy, nắp giấy, tô giấy, bao bì giấy,v.v.v

+ In ấn theo thiết kế

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