Disposable Kraft Paper Bowl

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Material PE Coated Paper

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Outstanding advantages of disposable kraft paper bowls

Disposable kraft paper bowl is a product made from Kraft paper, with a characteristic dark brown color. This is a type of bowl commonly used in restaurants, bars, cafes,...

Kraft paper bowls have the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness: Kraft paper bowls are made from natural, recyclable materials, helping to reduce plastic waste.
  • Heat resistant: Kraft paper bowls have good heat resistance, can be used to hold hot dishes.
  • Can be printed on demand: Kraft paper bowls can be printed on demand, helping to make a difference for your products.



Details of disposable kraft paper bowls

- PE coated paper material, thick, safe for health

- Color: Dark brown, Printed on request

- Made in Viet Nam

- Produced at: Vietnam Paper Cup Co., Ltd

- Capacity of kraft paper bowl:

  1. 500ml bowl: Mouth: 150mm, height 47mm, bottom 127mm
  2. 750ml bowl: Mouth: 150mm, height 60mm, bottom 130mm
  3. 800ml bowl: Mouth: 140mm, height 88mm, bottom 106mm
  4. 1000ml bowl: Mouth: 150mm, height 75mm, bottom 130mm
  5. Bowl 1300ml: Mouth: 165mm, height 75mm, bottom 145mm
  6. 1500ml bowl: Mouth: 185mm, height 65mm, bottom 160mm


Disposable kraft paper bowls are often used to store snacks, fast foods, drinks, ... for example: paper bowls for noodles, noodles, pho, cakes, fruits, .. This is a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly product. If you are looking for a convenient, safe and eco-friendly bowl, the kraft paper bowl is a great choice. Contact now with Vietnamese Paper Cups for consultation and order high quality white paper bowls at competitive prices

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