2-layer kraft paper cups

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2-layer Kraft paper cups - Safe, environmentally friendly product

2-layer Kraft paper cups are one type paper cup Made from recycled pulp, has a characteristic golden brown color. The cup is composed of 2 layers of paper, the outer layer is Kraft paper, the inner layer is PE coated paper, widely used in cafes, milk tea shops, restaurants, hotels,... to hold hot drinks. and cold.

Outstanding features of 2-layer Kraft paper cups

  • Safe for health: Cups are made from recycled paper pulp, do not contain toxic substances, and are safe for users' health.
  • Environmentally friendly: Cups can be recycled, contributing to reducing environmental pollution.
  • Durable and beautiful: The cup has a sturdy, durable design, suitable for many types of hot and cold drinks.
  • Diverse sizes and designs: Cups come in many sizes and designs, suitable for many different needs.


Detailed information of 2-layer Kraft paper cups

  • Material: Kraft paper and PE coated paper
  • Color: Golden brown
  • Weight: 10g -> 20g
  • Temperature tolerance: 0 - 100 degrees Celsius
  • Bearing capacity: 100 - 150 ml
  • Size: 8oz (240ml), 14oz (360ml), 16oz (480ml) or 9oz (270ml), 12oz (400ml), 16oz (500ml) depending on production mold.



2-layer Kraft paper cups can withstand high temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, so they are suitable for hot drinks such as coffee, tea, hot milk, etc. The cups also have good bearing capacity, so they have Can hold cold drinks such as juices, smoothies, soft drinks, etc. Therefore, 2-layer Kraft paper cups are a product suitable for many different types of drinks and needs.




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